"SELF MADE" Bracelet

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Find the locations on the map where memories were made and get the coordinates engraved on your custom piece. (or engrave dates, initials, names etc.)


Draw a smile on the face of those you care for! You can make their day, month, year, OR Life. With a thoughtful gift, your loved ones can experience a mixture of excitement, contentment, and appreciation.

Capture special moments in life with our unique gifts.  You can customize these women’s and men’s bracelets. You can engrave symbols, dates, words, phrases, and sentences. It’s your sole choice to engrave what’s dearest to your heart or to your loved ones.

  • You can engrave the Name, or the coordinates of the first place you have met with your partner
  • The most relevant date in your life, or your partner’s life
  • You can have bracelets with a message that you believe in: they can be wisdom sayings or daring philosophies... The choice is completely yours!
  • Amazing birthday gifts, uplifting anniversary custom bracelets for couples offer you the opportunity to impress your friend or your partner and make them Grateful.
  • You can express yourself in a phrase. A phrase that defines your character - a Philosophy that you can Amazingly and Comfortably carry around your wrist.
  • These unisex bracelets should be customized by you and only you! You decide what’s going to be engraved on Your bracelet.

We allow you to resurrect past moments from your life, it’s not magic - It’s simply our thoughtful customized bracelets.

Since we are the best online jewellery store - (facts) haha (sorry for not being humble)-, we grant our clients the best quality. Actually, your bracelet will never fade, tarnish, or lose its bright or its vivid color.

That includes its exposure to sweat, water, sun-heat, or salty water of the Sea!

Our product is spectacular, can’t you See!!

The cuffs of the bracelets are also crafted to be adjusted fitting any wrist thickness. With a little force, they will be of a perfect size for you, or for the Person that you are going to Purchase it for.

Your custom bracelet is crafted of 316L stainless steel under sustainable conditions with minimum environmental impact.

Material: corrosion-resistant 316L stainless steel coated in 18k gold/rose gold ( the silver cuff is polished jewellery rated 316L stainless steel)

We use the latest laser technology to carefully engrave each special piece with incredible precision. The engraving is black/grey.

Don’t hesitate to engrave the first thing that came to your mind when landing on this page. Since it’s the first thing that popped into your head, it must be important, it’s must be worth it.

Not sure what to engrave? Browse our pre-designed collection.