Plant A Tree

Our Promise

As a small business, we know how important it is to offer you quality, integrity and transparency. Our promise to you is that we will always try to do what’s best for the environment, from minimising our energy consumption during production processes to planting a tree* for every order received by us.

Minimising Our Emissions

24.2% of all global energy emissions come from industry - that’s almost a quarter of the world’s consumption coming from production processes and materials (shocking, right?). We think that in order to see change in our environment, we need to do better, and here’s how:

Our packaging is slim and small, whilst still protecting your new piece. This means that we’re not taking up extra space in delivery vehicles, and helping to work towards lower emissions from getting you your order. 

We’ve minimised the amount of energy that our workshop consumes, by opting for low-wattage lasers and engraving tools. We think it’s great that we can leave a mark on your special moments, without leaving a big mark on the environment. 

We’ve removed all plastic from our packaging. In 2019, the production of plastics contributed over 850 tonnes of carbon to the atmosphere, so we’ve taken a leap away from plastic packaging. Instead, your order will arrive without plastic, but with plenty of protection for your new purchase.

Plant a Tree

We’ve teamed up with Ecologi to help offset our carbon emissions even further. Everytime you place an order with us, we’ll plant a tree through Ecologi, so you know that your order has done something positive for our environment.

Ecologi has already worked with businesses like the BBC and Hasbro to fund 47.2 million trees and offset 2.2 million tonnes of carbon, so we’re super excited to be partnered with them. This is how it works:

You place your order with us, through We’ll make your custom piece and send it on its way to you. 

We’ll use Ecologi to make a donation for a tree to be planted, so you can help us to reduce atmospheric carbon without even lifting a finger - great! 

You’ll receive your order  (and hopefully love it) and know that you’ve done a good thing for you and the planet. It’s a win-win.